Following the slump in international trade – especially to and from China – the number of enquiries relating to recycling, in particular the optimisation of recycling processes, increased. The result was the founding of TheKnot in 2017, in which we brought together specialists in a network to help companies with recycling in the best possible way, develop special machines or plastics, set up functioning systems for the input and output of a wide variety of materials and provide long-term assistance or support in the development, implementation and maintenance of circular cycles. And we do this worldwide.

Experts and Contacts

John E.Toft, John Toft

John E. Toft

John Toft, Danish, married, father of two and resident in Bremen, has been a recycler since 1994 and is the founder of TheKnot. He has been working intensively on sustainability and the circular economy since 2014. He specialises in materials science and the recycling of plastics. He analyses and advises companies on process optimisation, the restructuring of plants, the implementation of renewable energies and the establishment of systems for purchasing and distribution.

Plastics recycling and networking are just as much his passion as supporting sustainability start-ups.

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Industriestrasse 20
28199 Bremen, Germany

Mobile  +49 4173 678 08 08

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28199 Bremen, Germany

Phone  +49 421 597 076 70

Stratos Morkotinis

Born in Thessaloniki, Greece, married, one daughter, lives in Athens. He has a passion for recycling and how things work. After graduating as a mechanical engineer, he switched directly from university to the recycling sector in 2010. With SINIKA and Skyplast, he is 100% committed to sustainability.

Stratos has the best knowledge of materials and specialises in trading, i.e. buying and selling.

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Stasandrou 7,
floor 1, flat/office
1060 Nicosia, Cyprus

Mobile  +30 697 982 7165

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Bernhard Stey

Born in Hesse, married and father of two children. He worked in all the major advertising centres in Germany until he settled down in Bremen many years ago and founded an advertising agency. Today, together with TheKnot, he helps companies to create real sustainability substance with new products and processes. This results in truly relevant content for communication and CSR presentation to customers.

With his knowledge of a wide range of industries – particularly in the BtB and logistics sectors – and his network, he complements TheKnot in the areas of analysis, strategy and consulting.

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28199 Bremen, Germany

Mobile  +49 173 357 48 02

Sonja Hoffmann

Sonja Hoffmann is a true Bremen native. She was born here, lives here and also completed her training and studies here. She is married and a mum of three. She has been working in the recycling industry since 2008 – always alongside John.

Sonja’s strengths are organisation and planning, she has a lot of experience in logistics and has valuable contacts. She manages the offices, looks after John, the documentation and the finances.

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28199 Bremen, Germany

Phone +49 421 5970 7670
Mobile +49 152 376 581 56

Bobislav Asenov

When he is not travelling, Bobi lives in Ruse, Bulgaria. He is the father of a daughter. Initially a professional heavyweight wrestler, he moved into recycling in 2007 and is the owner of the company JRM. As part of TheKnot system, he works mainly in the former Russian lands and in Bulgaria. Bobislav specialises in market development, procurement and controls when buying and selling materials.

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JRM Ltd.
51 Borisova Str. Ent.A, Fl.2
7012 Ruse, Bulgaria

Mobile  +35 988 7762 337

No material leaves us that has not been tested by Prodin Polymers' independent laboratory.

René Schutte

Since TheKnot began its work, we have worked closely with Prodin Polymers, a laboratory specialising in plastics, on all formulations, quality assurance, inspections and data sheets. We can also warmly recommend our Dutch experts to you.

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Industrieweg 23
7949 Aj Rogat, the Netherlands

Phone  +31 9522 851 823

Partner of TheKnot system

TheKnot system stands for concentrated expertise and sustainable management. In almost 30 years of appreciation and co-operation, friendships have grown that we would like to introduce to you here.

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